More Cake Love

Some people… a LOT of them are so creative. I mean just look at this Scrabble cake!

Lizie Scrabble cakeThe time it takes to make one of these starts with the idea, then comes the research- that’s huge. Then buying the supplies. If you’re using fondant, that can get pricey. If you’re squeezing decorations out, be prepared for a hundred flubs. If you have to roll out something like for ribbon, expect that to be the time an earthquake hits, because even after you do everything in your power to do it perfectly, something will ALWAYS do the gremlin thing. But does that stop us artistic types? Not a chance. Check these out:


Lego cakeroulette cakewine barrel cakecamera cakeTaj Mahal cakesuitcase of money cake

Cool, I say… yummy cool.

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